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06:46 pm: I AM IN THE BARN!
-writing to you via satellite dish, because they don't lay cables out here..
my wonderful friends eran and kathryn & lizzy came to help me move.not so much that i had a lot of things to move - the actual transporting-of-stuff lasted less than an hour - but they stuck around all afternoon and played my guitar and sang and put things in places. jo's desk is outside, as i had anticipated. i can see it out the window. it is sulking. no, i bet it likes it out there. it's much nicer not having desk taking up massive amounts of space inside. i love it here. there is a perfect place for my big old armchair,too.. if i can ever manage to get that up here (jarrett..i wonder if maybe we could fit it in your king-of-the-chesapeake-bay vehicle..you think?).
so. i am very very sleepy but the vast majority of things are unpacked. and the crickets are so loud and the stars are so many and so bright and we hung my prayer flags in the garage-part and i have more friends coming over for dinner tomorrow and i will just have to take pictures because it is hard to convey just how awesome this place is.
feels so good to be by myself at night...
only 9:30 but i think it might be bedtime.
big dilemma in life currently ( i have a three-day weekend, thank god for the psychiatry clerkship which actually believes in days off - so much *time*!) : to bike to farmer's market tmrw five miles down the hill & back, or to make tomorrow a big stocking-up day & bring the car so i can get some of the things on my list: like , spoons. or at least one spoon. even one spoon would be helpful. and some plates and some forks and a whole bunch of bulk popcorn & big glass jars for storing beans & grains... and a big chopping block on wheels so there's more counterspace. because i gotta be ready for next weekend... : )
yay. am contented sleepy toad in big new happy space.
no footsteps overhead. no angst. just horses and crickets and big bright stars..


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Date:September 2nd, 2007 08:19 pm (UTC)
does it really not rain often enough that you can keep a desk outside?
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Date:September 3rd, 2007 03:42 pm (UTC)
the plan is to move it into the covered-but-unfinished part come november or december or so. but yeah, it won't rain till then : )
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