fibonacci (fibonacci) wrote,

please email me...

something is wrong with my old email address - judging by the google help threads, it looks likely that it got hacked into because i used instead of on my treo - ie i was on a very un-secure wireless network with my account wide open. so now my password doesn't work and i can't log in. ted says he saw me logged into google chat a few times on friday but got no response when he tried to talk to me. presumably someone has changed the password & is using the account. i'd be curious to hear if any of you see me logged in .

anyway. it's kind of scary how much of my life is in that account. i hope i can get it back.
i've been contacting gmail help but per the help threads they usually take 4-7 days to get back to you (if you're lucky) and are only sometimes able to help you.
in the meantime, i've lost all my contact info for everything and everybody. so please shoot me an email at, where i am (i hope temporarily) starting over, so i have yours again. and if by chance you emailed me within the past week, please forward that too so i can read it & write to you.
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