fibonacci (fibonacci) wrote,

today we put a boy (who is in the hospital for video eeg, to see if his "seizures" are epileptic or non-epileptic events) under hypnosis and induced a pseudoseizure.
it was so intense.
this is what i love about brains. this stuff. the territory of dreams and past traumas and mental states we don't understand yet.
i may not be as wise or thoughtful about all this as a lot of you are. i am not the ideal therapist. *and* i have a stigma about psychiatrists not being real doctors. and i would miss all the stuff i spent the last four years learning. but i do interesting and very related translational research. and i care about this stuff. plus, whatever, by 7th grade i was doing hypnosis on friends at sleepover parties (really.) and reading jung... in a way it is no surprise that i love this.
would you hold it against me if i went into child psych?
honestly. would that be weird?
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