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assuming i survive four more days,
i will have survived my internal medicine clerkship once and for all.
for this occasion i give you:
toad :the sunday night after a 30-hour overnight saturday call shift.

spork gives strength.ra.

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the other decision for today (which i made pretty easily) was about coffee. because coffee just works better than mate and green tea. and it makes me all happy and motivated. and my cranky don't-want-to-study-anymore feeling of the last two days corresponded perfectly to the days without coffee.
so i think i am just going to be on coffee for the next 2.5 weeks and detox in the woods after.
coffee in the morning, chamomile at night..

noted effects of high-dose estrogen, and subsequent withdrawal

* desire to look nice and clean things.
* urges to write down my feelings. in, like, poems. (i had not written a poem since i was barely 19.) and rants about abortion rights.
* nausea to the point where i didn't want to eat for a couple weeks.

in withdrawal:
* general huge hunger notable for ridiculous chocolate cravings. also peanut butter cravings and soy protein cravings.
* need to bake bread very very frequently.

both (and i wonder if this one will stay, because it's really interesting) :
* intense shivers down my whole body, sometimes left-sided & sometimes right-sided & sometimes bilateral (i have thoughts about what brings on what), to anything that affects me emotionally - ..this includes song-mania, slides in class, conversations with patients, hearing talks or seeing interactions that affect me...
i have always gotten these, especially to music, & been interested in them, but this is like five or ten times what i'm used to...